Apple updates the audio driver in Boot Camp for MacBook Pro users 2016

Apple received these weeks numerous complaints about a strange sound on computers MacBook Pro Window 2016 that were running through Boot Camp .Apple has been quick about it , releasing an update of drivers in Boot Camp. This in theory should solve these problems sound suffering from certain users. In this article we tell you everything we know about it .

Apple fixes a sound bug in Boot Camp

There are many people who work for certain reasons must have Windows at hand. This is because some programs are not adapted to macOS, having to use Windows. Those people who made a partition on the hard drive of your MacBook Pro 2016 and installed Windows with Boot Camp app series have been able to experience certain related failures speakers of your devices.
Apple has been quick to respond, as usual, releasing an update of drivers in Boot Camp. This seems to solving failures that caused quite strange sounds in our speakers.Sometimes these have come to break with permanent damage. This is because by the outbreak that occurred in the speakers.
The update became effective on November 23 from 13:00 . If the installation did before this date, you probably need to upgrade from within Windows, to enjoy this enhancement.
The sound that reported users express it as a fairly high “pop” while tearing the Windows operating system. This only affected the ripped through Windows, so you should not bring your ear to the speakers to your MacBook Pro 2016 when you start it , because they do not hear anything. This is mainly because it was a hardware problem.
If the error persists with this update, Apple recommends contacting them through Apple Care to take part. With this aim to make a screening to see if this update has taken effect, and if not, throw another new.
What do you think about this update? Were you one of those affected? Let us in the comment box all you think about it.
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